Our Business

Trading energy across borders each moment of the day, each day of the year, our energy trading abilities empower us to convey proficiency to the market and reestablish energy balances, keeping Europe’s energy supply secure, affordable and carbon-productive. As the world’s population develops and turns out to be more prosperous, we have to give more energy to heat and light homes, fuel transport and power the economy while reducing emissions of greenhouse gases. This is creating exciting new business opportunities for us.

Our Operations

Our industry is encountering certain difficulties. From environmental change and geopolitics to the energy markets, we are confronting new issues. At Solstar, we build trust in our activity by transforming them into solutions. That is the reason we're searching for better approaches to use our mastery in the energy business, investigating openings in new energy and also driving development in power and gas far and wide.

we are more than 20 dedicated energy traders
We traded 216 Twh power
We traded 285 Twh GAS
17 MMCM/D GAS sold from our partner-operated fields

Why Solstar

Today we supply energy to a great many individuals, consistently. To be effective in the coming decades, we should part of the response to the considerable difficulties confronting the world. We trust the world needs more gas production and solid development in productive sustainable power source. Solstar’s vision is to shape the future of energy. Our purpose is to trade natural resources for people and progress of society. Sustainability is at the core of our activities and technique.


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